Advantages of LPG and CNG

Vantaggi degli impianti gpl e metano per auto rispetto alla benzina
  1. Ecology first and foremost. A car using Gas is more ecological and can circulate in cities with traffic restrictions.
  2. Significant savings compared to gasoline and, in most cases, to Diesel.
  3. Performance and reliability equal to the functioning using gasoline
  4. It is one of the few equipment types installed in the factory by car manufacturing companies worldwide, due to its quality, reliability and safety. It is also the best developed product for the conversion to LPG of gasoline-fueled automobiles.
  5. A vast range of transformable cars, thanks to the mapping of the control unit, personalized for every single model..
  6. Assistance guaranteed throughout Italy and Europe by a network of authorized shops (selected from the best of the sector) and area retailers.
  7. The equipment is also guaranteed for every problem after installation
  8. With excellent consumption results compared to the old GPL systems, since the system is sequential, phased with injectors as in gasoline motors.
  9. Government incentives are always available.
  10. Thanks to the new law that regulates parking lot safety, gas vehicles can be freely parked even in underground garages and in all the locations that were previously prohibited.

Clean energy

LPG or CNG fuel today has economic advantages compared to gasoline and diesel, with an amortization cost for the gas device that rarely exceeds 24 months.