Game LPG system

Game LPG system

The GAME LPG system is the new gaseous sequential phased injection system, researched and developed by the company.

The quality of the components used and the innovative electronic management allow significantly reducing the consumption while maintaining excellent LPG performance.

Play LPG system

Play LPG system

The PLAY system is one of the most innovative, functional, and reliable lambda probe systems for traditional LPG/CMG aspirated fueling for automobiles.

It allows accurate monitoring of pollutant emissions and performance of vehicles converted to LPG/CMG, surpassing strict Euro 4 regulations.



Download the last Catalog (file pdf, 36mb).

Output and reliability

Forget the poor performance of the old GPL equipment: what we are making now guarantees the same output and reliability of gasoline fuel. Consumption is also improved, because the device regulates and injects the GPL separately in every cylinder to the vapor state, precisely like the gasoline motor injection system. The motor has greater duration because the gas leaves few unburned residues.