Magic LPG system

The MAGIC system is the new gaseous sequential phased IMPIANTO MAGIC injection system.

The MAGIC system is researched and developed by the company, that has the exclusive algorithm.

Impianto GPL MAGICFuthermore, the devices and the design solutions adopted make the MAGIC system a technologically advanced and state of the product to comply with the increasingly strict Euro 4 and Euro 5 anti-pollution directives with the possiblity to adjust the mixture of gas through the EBOD protocol.

The MAGIC device is a self-calibrating system; in fact, the system receives signals from the gasoline injectors and transforms them into command signals for the LPG injectors automatically, without having to follow onroad calibration procedures.

The simple, intuitive calibration procedure, along with the few electric connections, make installing the MAGIC system very versatile and fast.


- LPG Electronic Control Unit of automotive design;
- Management of various injection systems;
- Correction of the carburation based on the petrol injection times and on the LPG pressure and temperature;
- Simplicity of installation thanks to the limited electric connections (use of only gasoline injection times and turn signals) and reduced dimensions of the components;
- State-of-the-art injectors with reduced response time and high resistance to dirt;
- Single-stage reducer with innovative design and excellent delivery of the gaseous fuel also in extreme conditions;
- Simple and intuitive self-calibrating system that creates the LPG curve based on the gasoline curve;
- Compliance with Euro 4 and Euro 5 regulations.


Pressure reducer

Pressure reducer The Tomasetto pressure reducer is a single stage reducer for sequential injection systems, with certifications ECE 67R-01;;
Equipped with filter and electro-valve in entry, it has post-heating of the gaseous fuel in exit from the reducer that allows obtaining higher capacities and exit temperature of gaseous fuel;
Two possible configurations: standard (Alaska) and high-performance (Artic);
The reduced dimensions and the fluidity of delivery even in extreme conditions, make this reducer a state-of-the-art and extremely versatile product.

Filter and Pressure Sensor

The filter guarantees the fow of the LPG in gaseous phase to the injectors, blocking possible impurities and oily residue present in the gas.

To optimize the functioning of the system, it is equipped with a device that includes two sensors: a pressure sensor that measures the vacuum in the engine exhaust manifold, and another sensor that measures the pressure of the gas, with which the control center determines the variation of the injection times of the LPG injectors.

LPG Switch

LPG Switch The LPG Switch allows conversion between gaseous fuel and gasoline and indicates the level of fuel present in the LPG tank with an LED gauge.

MAGIC Control Center

Centralina MAGIC - Electronic control center of extremely reduced dimensions designed for engines of up to 8 cylinders;
- Compatible with full-group, semi-sequential, and sequential gasoline injection systems;
- simple and intuitive self-calibrating system that creates the curve of the LPG based on the gasoline curve;
- The advanced software of the control center allows the management of Euro 4 and Euro 5 engines;
- No connection with sensitive signals (tps sensors, etc.);
- Single quick connector.

Injectors available

Apache Injector

- Apache Rail injectors are designed for the LPG in gaseous phase;
- The unique aluminum body and contained size allow a simple placement in the exhaust manifold;
- The high precision and the reduced response time, in addition to reduced noise and good maintenance over time, make the Apache a state-of-the art and extremely accurate injector.
- Completely reviewable.

Horizon Injector

- The Horizon Rail injectors are the evolution of the Apache injectors, with a plastic body for even smaller dimensions and weight;
- They can be separated and used individually for every cylinder, allowing greater versatility of installation;
- Thanks to particular devices, the Horizon injector also manages to be more resistant to dirt and increases the levels of precision and thus the response time.

Ig5 Injector

Ig5 Injector - Rail Ig5 Injector for gaseous LPG and CNG.
- Single version with 0,6mm stroke. Coils with 2-ways built-in watertight connector, compatible with AMP/Delphi.
- Body made of polymeric material, high mechanical and high heat resistance.
- Modular Injector in two configurations: single with separate manifold or mountable on rail.
- Not very sensitive to dirt accumulation.

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